The Disastrous Consequences Arising From Use Of Defective Medical Devices

Defective medical devices can result in permanent and life-threatening injuries. Small steps taken by manufacturers and designers often would prevent great suffering from taking place. However, companies often fail to take such steps because time or money was more important to them than creating a safe product.

The attorneys at Brenes Law Group, P.C., have the knowledge and trial litigation skills to hold even the largest companies accountable. As products liability attorneys, we understand the requirements and dues of businesses to create safe products. As medical malpractice practitioners who thoroughly understand medical terminology and the medical industry, we see firsthand the injuries that result from defective medical devices.

The Ability To Handle A Wide Variety Of Defective Medical Device Injury Cases

Our lawyers are capable of trying any type of defective medical device lawsuit in state or federal court. The cases we most frequently try include:

  • Hernia mesh litigation: Experts link mesh implants to a large number of serious and painful medical complications. Many such complications occur when the mesh erodes and deteriorates. This can then lead to severe infections, bleeding, perforation, bowel obstruction, pain and even death.
  • IVC filter fragmentation and other adverse effects: The fracturing or displacement of IVC blood clot filters can result in debris filtering through the vascular system. In the event such debris filters to the heart and lungs, the patient could experience hemorrhaging and internal bleeding, be prone to a pulmonary embolism and stroke, and possibly face death.
  • Catheter breakage and migration: Such breakage can lead to perforation of blood vessels, and depositing of fragments in the heart and lungs. This fragmenting of catheters led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to order a number of recalls concerning such products. The FDA believes that such defects can likely lead to serious injury and death.

Our lawyers have a stellar reputation for taking on manufacturers of such products and holding them liable for substantial verdicts and settlements due to serious and permanent injuries. When clients come to us to discuss such matters, we provide them guidance regarding the steps to take in obtaining adequate compensation. We also discuss what they can expect during the entire legal process.

Putting Highly Qualified Representation On Your Side

If you believe you or a family member is the victim of injuries due to defective medical devices, please contact our law firm at 877-690-4899 immediately. Brenes Law Group, P.C., provides free legal consultations. We also charge no fee unless you recover compensation.