Protecting Employees From Unfair Treatment At The Workplace

Employees deserve fair treatment at the workplace. The rewards they receive should be based upon the merits of their work rather than race, age, disability, gender or ethnicity. Workplace discrimination is against the law and employers need to face accountability for their unlawful conduct.

Brenes Law Group, P.C., in Aliso Viejo, represents employees with wrongful termination, harassment and discrimination claims. Our employment law attorneys also hold employers accountable for wage and hour violations. Due to our extensive trial experience, we know how to locate the sort of compensation you require and deserve. We help you understand the legal process and your options for recovery. This includes helping you understand what we can do for you.

The Employee Representation We Provide

The lawyers at Brenes Law Group, P.C., try a wide variety of employment law cases throughout Southern California. This includes:

  • Workplace discrimination cases concerning race, ethnicity, gender, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation and age
  • A hostile workplace environment where harassment and discrimination is commonplace among employers and fellow employees
  • Sexual harassment and retaliation matters
  • Wage and hour allegations involving unfair wage practices, unpaid overtime and failure to pay proper wages due to misclassification of job status
  • Whistleblower claims where retaliation occurs due to employees reporting wrongful or illegal activity at the workplace
  • Illegal or wrongful practices by the employer resulting in the loss of a job
  • Unfair practices leading to demotion

We will pay close personal attention to your individual circumstances. Our lawyers will also give you a straightforward assessment concerning your chances for success.

Reputation For Successful Outcomes In Employment Cases

Much of the business at Brenes Law Group, P.C., comes about due to word of mouth. It is therefore important for us to provide quality representation to all of our clients. We also receive a large number of referrals from other attorneys who send clients to us.

To learn more about our employment law practice or to set up an initial consultation, please contact our law firm by calling 877-690-4899.