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Fighting Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination concerning race, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy and religion violates state and federal laws. Unfortunately, it is still extremely common. For victims, such discrimination can be devastating financially and emotionally. It can also be extremely difficult for victims to know where to turn for help.

If you are a victim of workplace discrimination, Brenes Law Group, P.C., will fight for you. Whether it concerns a large or small business, our attorneys have the knowledge and access to resources to take employment discrimination on. We litigate against employers who allow discriminatory conduct to take place and fight for justice and compensation for your injuries.

Employment Discrimination Cases We Handle

The employment lawyers at Brenes Law Group are able to handle every category of employment discrimination case covered by California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). We have experience litigating cases involving discrimination based upon:

We provide individual attention to every case we handle. Our practice is to keep everyone we represent informed regarding the status of their matter. We are proud to say that many clients have come to our firm because of word of mouth or referrals from other attorneys.

Discrimination can involve a wide range of activities. In the workplace, it can impact a hiring, firing, treatment at the workplace, wages and compensation, promotions and workplace morale. Despite laws prohibiting such behavior, businesses often have the ability to retaliate against workers who voice concerns about discrimination. Workers also are not always familiar with the laws in place meant to protect them.

During a free consultation, our employment lawyers can help you understand your rights. We will listen to your concerns and outline a strategy to best address your personal circumstance. We will be there for you from the moment you first come to our office until final resolution of your case.

Putting Your Needs First

To learn more about the representation we provide and to contact our office for an appointment, please call Brenes Law Group, P.C., by calling 877-690-4899Brenes Law Group provides free legal consultations. We also charge no fee unless you recover compensation.