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A Law Firm Defending The Rights Of Disabled Workers

Discrimination against disabled individuals places them in an untenable position. In preventing them from performing their work-related tasks, it also prevents the disabled person from earning the wages they deserve. Yet, with a small amount of assistance from their employers, disabled persons are typically able to perform their job as well as other employees.

What The Laws Say Regarding Disability Discrimination And The Workplace

Under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), places of employment need to put in place reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Though what is meant by “reasonable accommodations” is not always clear, it does mean that employers need to at least take steps that would allow for disabled individuals to perform their jobs.

Examples of reasonable accommodations include:

  • Placing ramps at entrances so wheelchair-bound individuals can enter and exit the workplace easily
  • Allowing a disabled worker to take time off from work to recover, and to then return to work once they are able to perform their duties with or without further accommodations
  • Modifying equipment so that it is usable for individuals with disabilities
  • Restructuring of job positions allowing for individuals with disabilities to use their inherent skills
  • Modifying work schedules so that the disabled worker can get to and from work without difficulties
  • Reassignment of workers to positions better accompanying their disabilities

Disabled but capable workers are often passed over for positions or promotions due to their disabilities. The ADA was put in place to ensure those with disabilities receive proper wages, that they do not feel uncomfortable or unsafe in their work environment, and that they do not face wrongful termination from their job. Nor should a disabled worker face retaliation or harassment for voicing their concerns regarding working conditions.

The attorneys at Brenes Law Group, P.C., have long fought for disabled individuals in bringing workplace discrimination cases. We understand state and federal laws governing disability cases, and we know how to present evidence that disability discrimination exists.

Protecting Your Rights

Our lawyers routinely litigate disability discrimination cases throughout Southern California. To schedule a free consultation, please contact our law office by calling 877-690-4899.