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Putting A Stop To Racial Discrimination At The Workplace

While the struggle for racial equality has been ongoing for years, racial discrimination remains. This is particularly true in the workplace. Unfortunately, fighting such discrimination is often extremely difficult.

The lawyers at Brenes Law Group have experience representing individuals in workplace racial discrimination cases. We understand the state and federal laws concerning racial discrimination and how to establish the existence of such discrimination at the workplace.

The Complex Job Of Establishing Racial Discrimination

Under state and federal law, employers practicing racial discrimination face significant penalties. The state of California encourages employees to report workplace discrimination to authorities.

Yet, establishing discrimination in order to receive legal compensation is a difficult process. Our employment discrimination lawyers have significant understanding of the laws prohibiting racial discrimination at the workplace.

We understand the process for preparing complaints to courts as well as state and federal agencies. Because of our investigative skills, we understand how to document and establish the existence of the many sorts of racial discrimination at the workplace. And we understand how acceptance of racial discrimination by management and staff creates a hostile workplace.

When retaining us in your racial discrimination case, we will fight for you throughout the entire process. We will educate you concerning your rights and help you understand the legal process. At all times, we will keep you informed of any significant developments.

Workplace Retaliation And Racial Discrimination

Besides prohibiting workplace discrimination, it is also illegal for employers to retaliate against their workers for reporting that racial discrimination exists. Our attorneys represent whistleblowers in racial discrimination cases and will fight for compensation if retaliation happens.

Lawyers Fighting For Justice

If you are a victim of racial discrimination at the workplace, please do not hesitate to contact Brenes Law Group, P.C. You can contact us by calling 877-690-4899 or sending us an email. Brenes Law Group charges no fee unless you recover compensation.