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Skilled Handling Of Complex Wage And Hour Cases

In California, there are strict regulations regarding meal and rest periods, the minimum wage and the payment of wages, what information your pay stub should contain, overtime and commissions. Yet certain companies routinely violate these laws. Some expect nonexempt employees to work through their lunch breaks. Others force employees to take unpaid rest breaks. And in some instances, employers expect employees to open and close the business during unpaid time.

The attorneys at Brenes Law Group understand your rights when it comes to wage and hour cases. We help you understand your options, and we will represent you in your claims against your employer. Our attorneys will be there for you from the moment you come to our office until final resolution of your claim.

Why Misclassification Of Worker Status Is So Important

Some companies try to bypass wage and hour laws by treating workers as managerial employees. Yet such misclassifications regarding job status that deprive workers of fair wages are illegal.

If employers force you and/or co-workers to work off-the-clock due to an incorrect employment classification, this may entitle you to unpaid overtime and benefits. The employment law lawyers at Brenes Law Group understand what steps to take to obtain for you the correct amount of earned compensation. Due to the close personal attention we pay to your case and our litigation skills, we know how to demonstrate unfair wage loss and accumulate evidence for your case.

Putting Extensive Legal Knowledge And Skills On Your Side

Did an employer deprive you of lunch breaks at the workplace? Were you not paid for your overtime hours? Do you believe you are a victim of an incorrect employee designation? As a condition of your employment, did you work off-the-clock without receiving proper payment?

If so, please contact Brenes Law Group, P.C., to set up a free initial consultation by calling 877-690-4899Brenes Law Group charges no fee unless you recover compensation.