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Camp Fire – Wildfire Litigation

For those that have unfortunately been negatively impacted by the Camp Fire’s devastation, we extend our sincerest condolences. We are actively investigating the issue of PG&E’s fault for failure to properly maintain power lines. PG&E must, per CPUC General Oder 95, maintain its poles, transformers, distribution lines, and recloser devices in a manner such that electricity is carried safely. This includes regular maintenance and inspections, removing vegetation around lines, and other procedures to ensure that their equipment is safe and able to withstand high winds.

After last year’s deadly and devastating Sonoma fire, which Cal Fire Investigators found was caused by PG&E equipment, PG&E’s continued failure to ensure the public’s safety with well-maintained power lines and equipment is particularly egregious.

To the extent that PG&E is found to have violated minimum safety requirements, it should be held fully accountable and the families and businesses that have suffered should be given a voice. For legal help for victims of these deadly and catastrophic fires, please contact us at 877-690-4899 for a free consultation regarding your rights. You can also email us.

Helpful Advice For Those Affected By Wildfires

Below are some immediate steps to take if you are a victim of a devastating wildfire such as the Camp Fire:

  • Open a claim with your insurance company
  • Register with FEMA
  • Take pictures of all receipts during your evacuation
  • Keep a record of every communication with insurance, fire marshals, FEMA, etc. including each person’s contact information.
  • If you are allowed back to your home, wear a N95 mask and protective clothing. Document as much of the damage as possible with photographs of your home.