Erika Guzman

Erika is currently a Case Manager with Brenes Law Group P.C.

She fell in love with the world of law while she was attaining her Bachelor of Communications and competing in the National Parliamentary Debate Championships. Being a part of the winning team, she realized that she could use the power of her voice and mind to help others. It was then that she decided to make the law field her career home.

Before joining Brenes Law Group P.C., Erika was a Paralegal who worked in law fields such as Trusts and Estates, and Family Law. Her strength of genuinely caring for people and her assertive attitude made transitioning to our Firm second nature. Although being relatively new to the Mass Tort Field, she has a capacity and hunger for knowledge that has aided her in quickly adjusting and becoming part of our dedicated team. She constantly strives to provide a level of professionalism and empathy to all clients and usually leaves them in a better mood than when she found them. She is a Certified Paralegal and looks forward to furthering her knowledge in the world of Mass Torts.

Practice Areas

Medical Devices