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Nothing is more devastating than experiencing workplace discrimination due to a pregnancy. Unfortunately, many work environments are hostile to pregnant woman, and these women find themselves demoted, harassed, retaliated against or even fired because they are pregnant and/or for taking a pregnancy disability leave.

Moreover, pregnancy disability leaves are quite complicated and involve the interaction of multiple federal and state laws. It is extremely common for a workplace to incorrectly calculate a pregnancy disability leave, leading to a new mother coming back to work before she is ready or even losing her job because the leave was miscalculated.

For victims of pregnancy discrimination, it is important to know your rights and have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who can assist you with your claims.

If you are a victim of pregnancy discrimination, Brenes Law Group will fight for you. We regularly litigate against employers who allow discriminatory conduct to take place and will strive for justice and compensation for your injuries.

During a free consultation, our employment lawyers can help you understand your rights. We will listen to your concerns and outline a strategy to best address your personal circumstance. We will be there for you from the moment you first come to our office until final resolution of your case.

Putting Your Needs First

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