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Knowledgeable Legal Representation In Wrongful Termination Cases

Losing your job is never easy, but it is even more painful when this was the result of a wrongful termination. If you believe there has been a violation of your rights, you may be entitled to lost earnings and damages. The attorneys at Brenes Law Group, P.C., know what steps to take to maximize your recovery in wrongful termination cases.

Protecting Your Rights As An Employee

Employees have a number of rights that are unique under California law. For example, it is unlawful for an employer to fire an employee due to gender, pregnancy, age, race, national origin and/or disability.

Employees can take a medical leave, a pregnancy leave or request a reasonable accommodation for a disability without fear of losing their job. Also, it is unlawful to fire a whistleblower employee for no valid reason other than reporting unlawful, fraudulent, or unethical conduct at the workplace.

Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to prove that a wrongful termination took place. Employers are going to make it as difficult as possible for you to demonstrate that any termination was unlawful. For this reason, it is necessary to retain a lawyer with extensive knowledge of employment law. Such a lawyer will need to investigate your claims thoroughly, and understand how to demonstrate proof of wrongful termination in a court of law.

At Brenes Law Group, P.C., our attorneys have a reputation for providing quality representation in employment law cases. When working with you, we listen to your concerns and provide knowledge and guidance regarding your rights as an employee. We provide individual attention to every case. Our top priority is helping you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Payment Of Wages Following Termination

Proving wrongful termination is not enough. At Brenes Law Group, P.C., we review your case to determine whether you received all of the wages and compensation you deserve at the time you were terminated. In addition to being skilled employment law attorneys, we handle many cases involving wage and hour disputes. We do what is necessary to ensure your recovery is complete.

Assistance From Skilled Employment Attorneys

Contact us for a free case evaluation by calling 877-690-4899. Brenes Law Group, P.C., will protect your rights and hold employers accountable for unlawful terminations.